The best food markets in Lisbon

What are the best fresh food markets in Lisbon ?

During your weekend or stay in Lisbon, if you want to cook, it may be useful to know which food markets you should visit among the 28 in the Portuguese capital. If you stay in an apartment in the Portuguese capital and you want to cook your own meals, your need for fresh food can lead you to visit the Lisbon markets. Some, such as the Mercado da Ribeira or the Mercado de Campo de Ourique, are even real tourist attractions. In the Portuguese capital, you will find that the interest of fresh food is omnipresent. The large majority of restaurants in Lisbon cook fresh food : fish of the day, fresh meat and fresh fruit or vegetables. In all neighbourhoods, there are lots of small traders with fruit and vegetables on their shelves all the time and supermarkets have shelves with a wide choice of fresh food products. Great part of this fresh food comes from the city’s markets, which supply almost all the traders in the Portuguese capital. And despite the competition from supermarkets, many of these markets have been able to reinvent themselves by offering more modern stands and catering. So don’t hesitate to take a look at some of these Lisbon markets.


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1. MERCADO DA RIBEIRA / TIME OUT MARKET – Much more than a market…

Food court of the Time Out Market at Mercado da Ribeira, a must-see in Lisbon

It is the oldest market in Lisbon, dating back to 1882. Its iron structure is typical of the 19th century and its building is a reference to the iron architecture of Portugal at that time. In this market, you will find 2 halls where a wide variety of food products are sold, especially fresh fruit, vegetables and fish. But don’t forget the magnificent flower market (open from 5am to 7pm) which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lisbon. Since 2001, this market was gradually renovated and new spaces managed by Time Out Lisboa were created.

Not to be missed : Since 2014, part of the ground floor has been occupied by more than 40 food, beverage and pastry stands and a few counters selling exclusively Portuguese products (photo above). You will find restaurant counters already present in Lisbon as well as shop stands already present elsewhere in Lisbon. Other brands are also present only in the market. On the first floor, Time Out also manages a small bar, a ticket office, an art gallery and a hall for events. All these innovations led to more than 10,000 people per day passing through this market during the summer, 70% of whom are tourists.

Available products : fruits, vegetables, fresh fish, meat, cod, organic products, frozen products, delicatessen, eggs, bread, cakes, suckling pig, flowers, plants, gardening articles, paper and packaging

Market hours for fresh food products : Monday to Saturday from 6am to 2pm

Flower market hours : Monday to Saturday from 6am to 8pm and Sunday from 10am to 8pm

Time Out space schedules : Sunday to Thursday from 10am to Midnight, Thursday to Saturday from 10am to 2am

Saturday : crafts, art, books and antiques market (from November to March from 10am to 6pm / from April to October from 10am to 7pm)

Sunday : collectors’ gathering from 9am to 1pm

The district : Cais do Sodré

Address : Avenida 24 de Julho 49 , Lisboa

Nearest transport :

  • Metro : Cais do Sodré (green line)
  • Bus : 706, 720, 728, 732, 738, 760
  • Tramway : 15 and 18
  • Train : Cais do Sodré (Cascais line)

Time Out Market facebook page :

2. MERCADO CAMPO DE OURIQUE – The most beautiful and popular market

Food court of the Campo de Ourique market, a modern and traditional fresh market in Lisbon

Opened in 1934, it is one of the oldest markets in Lisbon and, since its renovation, I find it to be the most beautiful in the Portuguese capital. Located in the popular district of Campo de Ourique, the market has had major works. Its concept changed when it reopened in November 2013. Clearly, it is this market that has paved the way for Mercado da Ribeira (mentioned above) with the establishment of modern stands, gourmet shops and restaurant counters offering shellfish, deli meats, empanadas, detox juices, hamburgers, artisanal ice creams, etc. It is a big success because more than 4,600 people visit this market every day and 80% are from Lisbon. In terms of food, this market will allow you to find a choice as wide as in a supermarket but in a more authentic spirit, in an open space and with quality products.

Products available : fresh fish, vegetables, fruit, meat, roast, frozen products, dried cod, bread, pastries, jams, sweets, chocolates, delicatessen, preserves, spices and condiments, dried fruit, regional products of the Algarve, bakery, sausages, preserves, dried fruit and coffee, flowers, plants, gardening articles, stationery, buying and selling gold, crafts, children’s clothes, fashion accessories and traditional cooking utensils.

Opening hours :

  • Sunday and Wednesday : from 10am to Midnight
  • Monday and Tuesday : from 10am to 11pm
  • Thursday to Saturday : from 10am to 1am
  • Most food stands close at 8pm

The district : Campo de Ourique

Address : Rua Coelho da Rocha – Mercado Campo de Ourique, Lisboa

Nearest transport :

  • Metro : Rato (yellow line)
  • Bus : 709 and 774
  • Tramway : 25 and 28

Nearest car park : Rua Padre Francisco, Lisboa

website :

facebook page :

3. MERCADO 31 DE JANEIRO / PICOAS – The market that supplies Lisbon restaurants with fish and seafood

Fresh fish at 31 de Janeiro market in Lisbon

In the Picoas district is the Mercado 31 de Janeiro (market 31st January), one of the most modern in Lisbon. Its style is contemporary and easily recognizable thanks to the multicoloured azulejos that cover it. You will find a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood. The quality of the seafood products in this market is so good that the main fish and shellfish restaurants in Lisbon are supplied there. Not to mention the restaurant counters on the market. It should be noted that renovation work has recently been carried out on this market to place all fresh food on the ground floor and product stands from different regions of the world on the first floor. There is even a space for children. 35 merchants sell on this market.

Products available : fruits and vegetables, fresh and frozen fish, meat, bread and pastries, flowers, plants and gardening items

Opening hours : Monday to Saturday from 7am to 2pm

District : Picoas

Address : Rua Engenheiro Vieira da Silva, Lisboa

Nearest transport :

  • Metro : Saldanha or Picoas (yellow line)
  • Bus : 91, 207, 713, 716, 720, 726, 727, 730, 736, 738, 742, 744, 753, 783

Parking : open from 7am to 8pm

Facebook page :


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4. MERCADO DO PRINCIPE REAL – Organic market every Saturday morning

Príncipe Real organic market in Lisbon

Every Saturday morning, the very upper middle-class and alternative district of Príncipe Real hosts the most important organic market in Lisbon. On the stalls, you will find fruits, vegetables, cereals, milk, olive oil, wine, aromatic herbs, dried fruits, jams and traditional Portuguese cakes.

Available products : raw and processed products from organic farming

Opening hours : every Saturday between 9am and 3pm

District : Príncipe Real

Address : Jardim do Príncipe Real, Lisboa

Nearest transport :

  • Bus : 202, 758, 773

5. FEIRA DO RELOGIO – The largest market in Lisbon and its region

Feira do Relógio, the most popular market in Lisbon

It is the largest market in Lisbon and its region and, in my opinion, the cheapest of all. Located in a very popular and populated district, the Feira do Relógio takes place every Sunday morning for over 30 years. Originally, the first merchants were mainly gypsies from Portugal, but today, the merchants are of multiple origins and symbolize the actual and multicultural Lisbon : Chinese, Indians, Africans, etc. If you go to this market, you will certainly be the only tourist, but this will allow you to get as close as possible to the real Lisbon, the one that is far from the postcards of the city centre but closer to the daily life of the Lisbon people.

Available products : fruit, vegetables, clothing, shoes, hardware, furniture and small food stands

Opening hours : Sunday from 7am to 2pm

The district : Marvila

District : Marvila

Address : Along de l’Avenida de Santo Condestável, Lisboa

Nearest transport :

  • Bus : 705, 708, 708, 722, 731, 744, 750, 783

6. MERCADO DO ARROIOS – A real neighbourhood market

Braided Onions at the Arroios fresh food market in Lisbon

This market was inaugurated in 1942 and is a good example of the Modernist era in Portugal. Located in the Bairro dos Atores district, its circular layout makes it a central point of the district’s streets. The building is large and some stands are facing outdoors. It is a real neighbourhood market where you will find excellent fish, flowers and fruits. Since 2015, the market has been renovated step by step and new food stands and shops have been opened. Modern and innovative concepts in the style of those found in the Mercado da Ribeira or the Mercado de Campo de Ourique (mentioned above). It is even planned to build an urban agriculture facility on the roof of the market that can produce 9 tonnes of products per year.

Available products : fresh and frozen fish, cod, vegetables, fruit, meat, sausages, deli meats, rotisserie, suckling pig, bakery, restaurant, flowers, plants, gardening items, clothing, jewellery and hardware

Opening hours : Monday to Saturday from 7am to 2pm, closed on Sundays

District : Arroios

Address : rua Ângela Pinto 40D, Lisboa

Nearest transport :

  • Metro : Alameda (green line)
  • Bus : 706, 708, 717, 718, 735, 742, 797


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7. MERCADO DE BENFICA – The neighbourhood market with the largest number of visitors in Lisbon

Benfica fresh food market in Lisbon

This market was inaugurated in October 1971 to allow the inhabitants of the rapidly developing Benfica district to be supplied with fresh products. It is the busiest market in the Portuguese capital, with an average of 3000 visitors per day. It is built in a circle and the merchants are divided by product type from the centre of the market to its ends. Fresh fish is in the central area, then you will find frozen fish and shellfish, followed by fruits and vegetables. And finally, bread, meat, coffee and other types of products. In a covered area outside the market, you can also find clothing, footwear and other items. More than 150 merchants are present on this market. Renovation work took place between 2016 and 2017.

Available products : fresh and frozen fish and shellfish, fruit, vegetables, bread, deli meats, groceries, rotisseries, drinks, flowers, plants, gardening items, women’s clothing, shoes, household linens, jewellery and hardware.

Opening hours : Monday to Saturday from 7am to 2pm, closed on Sundays

Address : Rua João Frederico Ludovice, Lisboa

Nearest transport :

  • Bus : 711, 716, 716, 729, 746, 758, 767

8. MERCADO DE ALVALADE NORTE – Chic district, friendly and quality market

Alvalade fresh food market in Lisbon

The Alvalade Norte market is located in the very chic Alvalade district in the north of Lisbon and was inaugurated in July 1949. Merchants sell their products well because there are still very few vacancies. The market is still very busy and is the meeting point for many residents of this neighbourhood known as one of the most chic in the city. A real local market with 52 merchants. Renovation work took place between 2016 and 2017.

Available products : fresh and frozen fish, meat, fruit, vegetables, frozen products, bakery, delicatessen, ice cream, pastries, drinks, flowers, plants, gardening items, drugstore, jewellery, women’s and children’s clothing and shoes.

Opening hours : Tuesday to Saturday from 7am to 2pm

Address: Avenida Rio de Janeiro 27, Lisboa

Parking : Monday to Friday from 7am to 7pm, Saturday and public holidays from 7am to 5pm

Nearest transport :

  • Metro : Alvalade (green line)
  • Bus : 717, 735, 744, 755, 767

9. MERCADO DA AJUDA / DA BOA HORA – The latest of Lisbon’s covered markets

Ajuda fresh food market in Lisbon

This is the most recent market in Lisbon since it opened in 2006 to bring together the itinerant merchants who were on the Travessa da Boa Hora street, offering them better conditions to sell their products. Now, the facilities are modern and frequented by a regular clientele : elderly people living in the neighbourhood for the most part. The market is spread over 2 floors with 60 stands mainly dedicated to the sale of fish, meat, fruit, vegetables and 90 others dedicated to clothing, shoes and hardware. You will also find a coffee / pastry and catering area.

Products available : fresh fish, vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, bread, deli meats, groceries, household items, flowers, clothing, shoes and hardware.

Opening hours : Tuesday to Saturday from 8am to 2pm

District : Ajuda

Address : Largo da Boa-Hora / Rua D. Vasco, Lisboa

Nearest transport :

  • Bus : 732, 742, 760
  • Tramway : 18

Free parking between 8am and 2pm

facebook page :


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Apart from the organic market of Príncipe Real (mentioned above), there are other organic markets in Lisbon. These markets are managed by the Agrobio institution (Portuguese Association of Organic Agriculture) and the Lisbon City Council with the aim of promoting this type of sustainable agriculture. All participating merchants are recruited by a control and certification body, authorized by the Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture. Currently, there are several Agrobio markets in Lisbon but they are developing rapidly and it is not to be excluded that in the coming years their number will increase. All the information about these organic markets are here >>> .

Here is the list of the 3 other organic markets in Lisbon :


If you are staying in a city bordering Lisbon, this list of markets may be of interest to you. It will allow you to shop in the same city where you will be staying or, at least, nearby.

  • MERCADO MUNICIPAL DE ALGES : this market has undergone a renovation like the three Lisbon markets mentioned at the beginning of this article (Ribeira, Campo de Ourique and 31 de Janeiro). In addition to fresh food stands, there are 19 stands for eating or drinking. The market even hosts live shows and music groups.
  • MERCADO MUNICIPAL DE CARCAVELOS : this market will allow you to have good deals if you are not in Lisbon.
  • MERCADO MUNICIPAL DE CASCAIS : the Cascais market, located near the train station, is particularly interesting for fish and shellfish (oysters, lobsters and fresh fish). A project to modernize and rehabilitate this market is underway.
    • Available products : fish, fruit, meat, frozen products, caterers, bread, coffee, clothing, seeds
    • City : Cascais
    • Address : Avenida D. Pedro ou Rua Padre Moisés da Silva, Sintra
    • Opening hours : Monday to Saturday from 6:30 am to 5 pm, the covered part closes at 3 pm
    • Fish market hours : Wednesday and Saturday from 6:30 am to 2 pm
  • MERCADO MUNICIPAL DE SINTRA : Dating from 1951, Sintra has a fresh food market with an air of a real small Provencal market, from the South of France. Many of the merchants are themselves the producers, a guarantee of quality.
    • Available products : fruit, vegetables, fish
    • City : Sintra
    • Address : Rua do Paço, Sintra
    • Opening hours :

Locate the best markets in Lisbon and its region

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