The best happy hours in Lisbon (good bar deals in 2019)

Good deals : the cheapest bars in Lisbon

If you come to Lisbon for a weekend or a holiday, it is very likely that you are looking for entertainment by going to bars. Indeed, nightlife is very dynamic in the Portuguese capital and we can’t say that Lisbon lacks bars. Competition is even fierce between places to attract local and tourists at all times. The good news is that you will have the choice to find a bar where you can have a drink in Lisbon. But be careful not to be ripped off because the tourist influx in recent years has multiplied the number of poor quality bars and offering glasses at a prohibitive price.

So here is a little advice before I share with you my selection of the best happy hours in Lisbon. In the very touristic areas (Baixa, Chiado, Bairro Alto, Cais do Sodré, Avenida da Liberdade and Principe Real), do not pay more than €2.50 for a bottled beer and €8/10 for an alcoholic cocktail. Beyond that, you are either in a luxurious establishment with a superb view of Lisbon, or you are in a place that scams tourists.

To enable you to make the right choice immediately in a huge offer, I have identified for you the bars that are the cheapest in Lisbon. Especially thanks to their happy hours which offer glasses at a great price. A selection to be consumed in moderation of course and preferably by taxi. So here’s a good plan for Lisbon: the best bars with happy hours (details of the bars below) :

  • Red Frog
  • The Decadente
  • The Spot Lisboa
  • Chafariz do Vinho
  • Cobre Bar
  • Navegadoors
  • The George Pub
  • Bar Ache Cohiba
  • Black Tiger Bar
  • Lost In Esplanada
  • Matiz Pombalina
  • Hard Rock Café Lisboa Café
  • Fox Trot

1. RED FROG – The best cocktails in Lisbon at the best price

Barman in action at the Red Frog, most famous cocktail bar of Lisbon

Red Frog is one of the best cocktail bars in Lisbon and has the ambition to become one of the best cocktail bars in the world in the coming years. It is located near the very chic and classy Avenida da Liberdade, just next to the Spanish Embassy. The concept of this place is to adopt the look of the “speakeasy” of the Prohibition era in the United States, those bars where alcohol was served illegally. For the sulphurous side, the Red Frog is located in the basement of a building that used to house a strip club. The bar door is still closed, the decoration refers to the 1930s and a secret room is accessible for special events by pushing the wall from the back of the main room. Amazing, isn’t it ? The menu has 30 cocktails, all made from top quality alcohols from all over the world. The drinks are divided into 4 temporal families : Early Classics & Golden Age (19th century and early 20th century), Desperate Times (1920s and 1930s), Good Times (1930s to 1960s) and Modernity Collection (late 20th century to present).

Happy Hour : Monday to Thursday from 6pm to 8pm, eight different cocktails between 6€ and 7€.

District : Avenida da Liberdade

Address : Rua do Salitre 5A, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Avenida (blue line)

Opening hours : Monday to Wednesday from 6pm to 2am, Thursday to Saturday from 6pm to 4am

Facebook page :

2. THE DECADENTE – Beers, wines and cocktails at reduced prices


Patio of The Decadente, restaurant and bar in Lisbon

The Decadente bar and restaurant is really a reference, I talk about it in many articles and here it is again in this list of the best bars in Lisbon.

Happy Hour : every day from 5pm to 8pm, beer is €1, glass of wine €1.5 and the Lisbon Beach Tea cocktail (brandy, brandy, brandy, Triple Sec and Port Wine) is €3.5

District : Príncipe Real

Address : Rua de São Pedro de Alcântara 81, Lisboa

Nearest bus : São Pedro de Alcântara station – lines 202 or 758

Opening hours : every day from 12pm to 11pm


Website :

Facebook page :

3. THE SPOT LISBOA – Sports with beer and cocktails at low prices

Gaby, the bartender of The Spot Lisboa with his very famous caipirinhas

THE SPOT Lisboa is one of the best Sports bars in Lisbon but also an attractive and stylish place for nightlife. Thanks to the presence of his famous bartender “Gaby”, the cocktails are always of the highest quality. Indeed, the young man won the prize for best Caipirinha at the London Bartender Contest in 2016 and 2017. The establishment offers from Monday to Friday a happy hour from 5pm to 7pm with all the beers à la carte at half price and the cocktail of the day at 5€.  A very good deal with a friendly atmosphere guaranteed.

Happy Hour : Monday to Friday from 5pm to 7pm with beers at half price and the cocktail of the day at 5€

District : Chiado

Address : Rua Nova do Almada 14, Lisboa

Metro nearby : Baixa-Chiado (blue or green line)

Website :

Facebook page :

Instagram page :

Bookings >>> +351 960 404 184 or

4. CHAFARIZ DO VINHO – Taste wines at the best price

Chafariz do Vinho, a famous wine bar in Lisbon located in an old water reservoir

Chafariz do Vinho is located in an old water reservoir linked to the famous Lisbon aqueduct (Aqueduto das Águas Livres). As this monument is no longer in operation to carry water to Lisbon, it was during the external restoration of the reservoir that the idea of creating a wine library emerged. A group of oenologists contacted by the City of Lisbon and the Portuguese Office of National Monuments has made the project a reality. This place is a wine bar that stores its bottles in the tunnels through which water used to flow in the 18th century. Chafariz do Vinho seeks to promote quality wines by offering them by the glass. The range of wines is impressive : white, red, sparkling, port wine, Madeira wine, sweet wines such as Moscatel. But also a selection of foreign wines from Australia, California, Chile, Spain, Italy and France. To accompany your tasting, we will offer you cheese, smoked sausages or petiscos (Portuguese tapas).

Happy Hour : this wine bar offers a very interesting happy hour from 6pm to 8.30pm : for 4 different glasses of wine sold by the glass, you will only pay the average price of an à la carte glass.

District : Avenida da Liberdade (Praça da Alegria)

Address : Rua da Mãe d’Água 13, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Avenida (blue line)

Opening hours : Tuesday to Sunday from 6pm to 1am

Website :

Facebook page :

5. COBRE BAR – 2 for one on beers and cocktails

Cobre Bar at Cais do Sodré in Lisbon, managed by The Independente Collective

The Cobre Bar opened in August 2016 in the lively Cais do Sodré district and has all the ingredients to become a must-see spot. Its owners are the collective The Independente, which founded the hostel The Independent Hostel and the restaurants The Insolito and The Decadente (mentioned above). The place is a cocktail bar offering a choice of 25 different cocktails including original cocktails and revisited classics. It is also possible to taste petiscos.

Happy Hour : from 5pm to 10pm, you will get two beers for the price of one or two Além Tejo cocktails (rum, muscatel and chocolate) for the price of one

District : Cais do Sodré

Address : Rua do Alecrim 24, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Cais do Sodré (green line)

Opening hours : Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 7pm to 2am, Friday and Saturday from 7pm to 3am

Website :

Facebook page :

6. NAVEGADOORS – Cocktails at 5€


The Navegadoors is the bar of an hostel located in the very centre of Lisbon

This is a very interesting place, located in the centre of Lisbon, in the Baixa district. Navegadoors is located on the central pedestrian street, Rua Augusta, and aims to be a place that combines art and culinary variety. The cuisine is quite simple with sausages and/or cheeses, pizzas or sushi. The place is quite frequented by young tourists seduced by cocktails at 5€ during happy hours, live music and a dj who does not hesitate to turn up the sound.

Happy Hour : every day, cocktails are at 5€ between 6pm and 7pm then from 11pm to Midnight

District : Baixa

Address : Rua Augusta 205-207, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Baixa-Chiado (green or blue line)

Opening hours : every day from 12pm to 2am


Facebook page :

7. THE GEORGE PUB – 2 coktails for one


The George Pub, English pub in Lisbon

Still in the centre of Lisbon (Baixa), here we are in the English pub The George, which offers trendy cocktails as well as classics. The atmosphere is particularly pleasant during the broadcasting of football matches.

Happy Hour : every day from 3pm to 7pm, cocktails are for two for the price of one

District : Baixa

Address : Rua do Crucifixo 58, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Baixa-Chiado (green or blue line)

Opening hours : every day from 12pm to 2am


Facebook page :

8. BAR ACHE COHIBA – Two cocktails for 6€

Bar Ache Cohiba, Cuban bar in Bairro Alto district in Lisbon

A guaranteed good atmosphere in this Cuban bar in the heart of Bairro Alto, one of the most lively districts in Lisbon. The decoration of the place is typically Cuban and the staff is very friendly.

Happy Hour : from 8pm to midnight, two cocktails for the price of one or 6€ for both

District : Bairro Alto

Address : Rua do Norte 121, Lisboa

Nearest bus : Largo Trindade Coelho station – lines 202 and 758

Metro nearby : Baixa Chiado (green or blue line)

Opening hours : Sunday to Thursday from 8pm to 2am; Friday, Saturday and the day before public holidays from 8pm to 4am

Website :

9. BLACK TIGER BAR – All cocktails between 3€ and 6€

Black Tiger in Lisbon

We are back in the very lively and busy Cais do Sodré district. Here alcoholic beverages are at great prices at all times. Shots, mojitos, tequilas, gin, caïpirinhas etc, between 3€ and 6€ maximum. The beer is even at 0.50€ until midnight. To eat, you will be offered a few tapas such as chicken wings or Benedictine eggs.

Happy Hour : beer at €0.50 until midnight

District : Cais do Sodré

Address : rua dos Remolares 18, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Cais do Sodré (green line)

Opening hours : every day from 12pm to 4am

10. LOST IN – Happy hour with drinks at half price

Rooftop terrace of the Lost in Bar in Lisbon

Lost In is one of the best rooftops in Lisbon where you can relax and enjoy a superb view of Lisbon. The space is meant to be Zen, in an Indian spirit (shanti exactly). In addition to the terrace, you can also enjoy a garden or a relaxation room. It is also possible to eat at the Lost In. From Tuesday to Friday, the chef offers a daily special with a drink and coffee for 10€. If you have a drink, you can accompany it with cheeses and delicatessen. Every Thursday, the bar offers a jazz concert between 8:30 pm and 10:30 pm.

Happy Hour : every day between 5pm and 7pm, a beer costs €1 and half a €2 and the price of some cocktails goes up to €3

District : Príncipe Real

Address : Rua Dom Pedro V 56D, Lisboa

Nearest bus : São Pedro de Alcântara station – lines 202 and 758

Opening hours : Monday from 4pm to Midnight, Tuesday to Saturday from 12.30pm to Midnight, closed on Sunday

11. MATIZ POMBALINA – Cocktails for 6€ in a top-of-the-range place

Matiz Pombalina is a very chic cocktail bar and wine bar in Lisbon

Matiz Pombalina is a high-end bar located in the lively Santos district (between Cais do Sodré and Belém). The place, recognised as one of the best bars in Lisbon, is sponsored by the leading gin brand Hendrick’s Gin. This prestigious address has a very pruned and modern decoration. It is even possible to rent it for private events. The cocktail menu offers a dozen classics as well as a personalized and exclusive cocktails. Drinks can be accompanied by petiscos (Portuguese tapas). At the end of the evening, a single malt whisky tasting is offered.

Happy Hour : every day from 7pm to 9pm, a cocktail of the card is at 6€

District : Santos

Address : rua das Trinas 25, Lisboa

Nearest bus or tramway : Santos-o-velho station – tramway 15 or bus lines 714, 727 and 774

Nearest train : Santos station (Cascais line)

Opening hours : Tuesday to Saturday from 7pm to 2am

Website :

Facebook page :

12. HARD ROCK CAFE –  Drinks at half price

Hard Rock Café in Lisbon

The Hard Rock Café in Lisbon has been open since 2003 on the very chic Avenida da Liberdade, instead of an old cinema. Like all the bar-restaurants in this brand, we will offer you an “American-style” meal in a setting that celebrates rock music. The cocktails are original and the decor includes 72,000 impressive objects. On weekends in the evening, the Hard Rock Café Lisbon often offers concerts.

Happy Hour : every day from 5pm to 7pm, a large menu of drinks (cocktails, beers and long drinks) at half price as well as nachos and chicken wings

District : Avenida da Liberdade

Address : Avenida da Liberdade 2, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Restauradores (blue line)

Opening hours : every day from 11am to 2am

Website :

Facebook page :

13. FOXTROT – Beers at half price and cocktails at special price

Foxtrot, vintage English pub in Lisbon

Lisbon’s Foxtrot Bar is located in the trendy Príncipe Real district. This place is truly designed in the spirit of a vintage English club from the 1920s. The Art Deco and jazzy spirit of the Foxtrot is palpable. The clientele of this bar is very varied : tourists attracted by the decoration, regulars, lisboans looking for a different spot in a very fashionable district etc. The cocktails on offer are of course classics such as daiquiri, long island iced tea, blue lagoon or tequila sunrise. In terms of dishes, classics such as steaks, burgers, hot dogs or croque-monsieur. It should be noted that Thursday evening is devoted to jazz.

Happy Hour : every day from 6pm to 9pm, the beers are half price and a special cocktail is also available at half price

District : Príncipe Real

Address : Travessa de Santa Teresa 28, Lisboa

Nearest bus : Praça das Flores station (line 773) or Palácio de São Bento station (Jardim) (lines 706, 727 and 773)

Opening hours : Monday to Saturday from 6pm to 3am, Sunday from 8pm to 2am

Website :

Facebook page :

So you’ve just discovered a Lisbon’s good deal : bars with the best happy hours. Want to know more about other lisbon best insider tips ? Check out my article on the best good and cheap restaurants in the centre of Lisbon or discover the bars in Lisbon where beer is cheap.

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