The best sports bars in Lisbon (to see a football match or other sports)

The best places to watch a football match in Lisbon or other sports

Lisbon is full of bars and restaurants, as I often relay on this blog. And as you know, the Portuguese are football fans. With two major football clubs in the first division (Benfica and Sporting), Lisbon is no exception. And football and sports enthusiasts in general enjoy meeting up in bars and restaurants with projectors or giant screens to watch their favourite teams play. If you do not have the chance to attend a football match in a Lisbon stadium, I would at least advise you to go to one of the places I mention in this article. In these sports bars, you will feel the atmosphere and fervour of the lisboetes for football. Find the bar or restaurant you prefer, book if possible and enjoy an unforgettable experience!

1. THE SPOT Lisboa – The Sports Bar which is already a must-see !


Ground floor and bar of The Spot Lisboa, one of the best sports bar in Lisbon


The SPOT Lisboa is undoubtedly the place that has buzzing since its launch only 4 months ago. I already mention this place in my article on the 10 best new fashionable places in Lisbon nightlife. Hosted by two French friends and located in the Chiado district, a stone’s throw from Praça do Comércio and Bairro Alto, it is the newest and most attractive Sports Bar in this selection. Why ? Quite simply because here we know better than elsewhere how to combine sport and celebration. For sports broadcasts, the establishment is equipped with 8 screens (one of which is 94′ inch) connected to hundreds of live channels. If you want to watch a sports broadcast that may seem exotic, staff will find the channel and  broadcast it (Rugby, NBA, even Cricket for fans). The SPOT Lisboa offers attractive prices compared to the district where it is located : soft drinks are at €2.5, beers from €4.5 per 50cl, cocktails between €7 and €10, wine bottles between €18 and €27. For the food, the place make simple and effective classics : nachos at 6.5€, chicken wings at 8.5€ (by 6) or 15€ (by 12) or a mixed board for 2 to 14€. Tapas are also available between €8.5 and €12.

Bar of The Spot Lisboa, a must-see for good cocktails in Lisbon


Not to be missed : from Tuesday to Friday, the happy-hour from 5pm to 7pm with all the beers à la carte at half price and the cocktail of the day at 5€.

The good deal for girls : unusal for a sports bar, The SPOT Lisboa organizes a Ladies Night every Friday evening where all women can consume beer and cider free of charge at will from 8pm to 11pm.

Opening hours : Tuesday to Friday from 4pm to 1am, Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 2am

Address : Rua Nova do Almada 14, 1200-289 Lisboa

Metro nearby : Baixa-Chiado (blue or green line)

Website :

Facebook page :

Instagram page :

Bookings >>> +351 960 404 184 or

2. THE COUCH – Lisbon’s new XXL sports bar for all sports

Counter of The Couch Sports Bar in the Cais do Sodré district in Lisbon

Located in the lively Cais do Sodré district, The Couch is a 300m2 place of pure excess! And I wouldn’t be surprised if it became the most popular sports bar in Lisbon in the coming months. It has 32 large-screen televisions and 2 giant screens 2 metres wide connected to more than 3,000 TV channels. This way, if several important matches or competitions are taking place at the same time, you will always find a screen to watch the broadcast. From noon until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, The Couch offers you football, basketball, tennis, swimming or sailing broadcasts. The bar has done everything to think about the comfort of these customers because if you want to hear the sound of the TV and the competition you are watching, just plug in the wi-fi headphones provided. The establishment looks like a real English-style sports bar with the display of upcoming matches and even results, to satisfy the bettors. 100 people can find a seat and each of these seats can watch at least one TV. There is even a private room with 4 TVs and a giant screen that you can book.

It should also be noted that you can of course drink and eat. There is no shortage of beer, but do not hesitate to taste the wines or cocktails on offer. Petiscos (Portuguese tapas) are also available: bruschettas (€3), squid (€11), fried shrimps with dried tomatoes (€8.5), nachos (€5.5) or rosbife (€8.5). And also dishes such as hamburgers or falafel (7,5€) or salads. For desserts, you can opt for apple pie, lemon pie or a white chocolate cheesecake (5€ each dessert).

Important : it is preferable to book your table if you want to attend a major sporting event.

One of the room of the Couch Sports Bar in Lisbon

Opening hours : every day from 12:00 to 2:00, until 3:00 on Friday and Saturday

Address : Rua do Alecrim 21A, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Cais do Sodré (green line)


facebook page :

Bookings >>> +351 939 319 283 or

3. REAL SPORTS BAR – The most famous sports bar in Lisbon

Main room of the Real Sports Bar at Real Parque Hotel in Lisbon

The Real Sports Bar is one of the most famous and popular sports bars in Lisbon. It is located in the Hotel Real Parque and transmits all types of sports although the place is only decorated with scarves and football jerseys. The bar has many screens, which allows you to attend football matches without worrying about your neck. In addition, the bar offers specific menus for game days, such as a Prego Real with chips, beer or soda and water, or the Hambúrguer Real made of focaccia bread with bacon, egg, salad with chips, beer or soda and water.

Comfortable lounge in front of a big screen at Real Sports Bar in Lisbon

Opening hours : every day from 3:30 pm to midnight

Opening hours : Avenida Luis Bivar, 67, Lisboa

Nearby metro : São Sebastião (red or blue line)

Facebook page :

Bookings >>> +351 213 199 199 150 or

4. IRISH & CO – To see a football or rugby match on the docks

Frontage of the Irish & Co Sports Bar at Alcântara Docks in Lisbon

This place is well known to lisboets and tourists who visit Lisbon. Located on the docks of Alcântara, a very lively district in the evening, the bar broadcasts football matches but also rugby matches on large screens throughout the week. Here, you are in a real Irish bar atmosphere. We will offer you Carlsberg, Guinness, Kilkenny or Budweiser beers. For the little ones, you can try goat cheese gratin (queijo de cabra gratinado), chorizo grilled in brandy (chouriço assado com aguardente) or chicken nuggets. For desserts, opt for tarte tatin, cheesecake or chocolate cake.

Irish & Co has two other addresses in Lisbon, with the same concept, which I mention below.

Opening hours : every day from 9:30 am to 3 am

Address : Doca de Santo Amaro, Edifício Topo Nascente, Lisboa

Nearest bus : Alcântara Mar station – lines 712 and 728

Nearest train : Alcântara Mar station – Sintra line (departure from Cais do Sodré)

Facebook page :

Counter and main room of the Irish & Co Sports Bar at Alcântara Docks in Lisbon

Other address Irish & Co in the Parque das Nações district :

  • Address : Rua da Pimenta 57-61, Lisboa
  • Nearest metro : Oriente (red line)

Other address Irish & Co in the Rossio district :

  • Address : Largo do Duque de Cadaval 17 – Estação Rossio, Lisboa
  • Nearest metro : Rossio (green line) or Restauradores (blue line)

5. LISBON BURGUER HOUSE & PIZZA – Watch a game near the Benfica stadium


Counter, room and screen of the Lisbon Burguer House & Pizza in Lisbon

This place is located near the Benfica Lisbon Stadium, the Estádio da Luz. If you don’t go to the stadium but want the atmosphere of the neighbourhood that supports his club, it’s an interesting place. The restaurant is large and offers pizzas and burgers in colourful buns. 7 hamburgers are available à la carte for prices between €5.5 and €6.95. There are also 7 pizzas on the menu, their dough is thin and they have a diameter of about 30 centimetres. Their price is around 8 / 10€. For matches, the restaurant is equipped with 4 screens and a projector.

Mini hamburgers with coloured breads at Lisbon Burguer House & Pizza


Opening hours : every day from 8am to 11pm, the restaurant operates from 12pm to 2.30pm and from 7pm to 10.30pm

Address : Rua João Freitas Branco 16, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Alto dos Moinhos (blue line)

Facebook page :

6. PATAS Y TAPAS – The good little wine bar of Campo de Ourique

Located outside the famous Campo de Ourique market, Patas Y Tapas is not a pure sports bar but rather an excellent wine and tapas bar where it is pleasant to watch a football match. A TV is located near the counter and the place can accommodate 20 people. The wine bar offers 40 wine references as well as very tasty petiscos such as cheese boards (€4.5), delicatessen (€17.5), mixed boards (€12.5) or 100% chorizo (€9.5). Chicken samoussas (€2.75), anchovy toast (€2.5), blue cheese croquettes (€2.5), veal carpaccio (€8.5) or octopus (€13) are also available.

Opening hours : every day from 4pm to 2am, closed on Sundays

Address : Rua Padre Francisco – Mercado de Campo de Ourique, Lisboa

Nearest bus and tramway : Igreja do Santo Condestável station – tram 25 or 28 – bus 709 or 774

Facebook page :

Bookings >>> +351 21 396 0489 or

7. O RESERVA – The new tasca that loves football

Located between the metro Rato and Marquês de Pombal, this place loves football and supports all the clubs in Lisbon : Benfica, Sporting, Belenenses, Atletico and Oriental. A whole wall pays tribute to them with an exhibition of various objects signed by these clubs. On other walls, other articles from Portuguese and international clubs are on display. Two televisions are permanently connected to broadcast football matches. The tasca (traditional restaurant) has a capacity of 20 people but the room can accommodate about 50 people. The menus are very attractive with lunches at 7.95€ including cutlery, soup or dessert, a drink, a dish and a coffee. And 3 options are always available: meat, fish or a vegetarian dish. You can taste bean cakes with tomato rice (panatiscas de feijão com arroz de tomate), octopus rice (arroz de polvo), tuna (bife de atum) etc. In the evening, the place offers small dishes such as cauliflower in barbecue sauce (couve flor com molho de barbecue) at €4.50, pork filet mignon with apple and honey (barriga de porco com maçã e mel) at €6.5, fried chorizo with onions and candied garlic (chouriço frito com cebola e alho confitado) at €6, the classic bitoque at €7 or grilled fish at €7.5. To complete the picture, please note that beer is only 90 cents euro. Here you are in a real old-fashioned Portuguese bistro (tasca) that pays tribute to football.

Opening hours : Monday to Thursday from 12pm to 10.30pm, Friday and Saturday until 11.30pm, closed on Sundays

Address : Rua Vale do Pereiro 34, Lisboa

Nearest bus : Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca station – line 773

Metro nearby : Marquês de Pombal (yellow or blue line)

Facebook page :

Bookings >>> +351 21 152 8688 or

8. CAFE IMPERIO – Unmissable place and XXL screen for football fans

Main room with giant screen of Café Império in Lisbon

This restaurant on Almirante Reis Avenue is well known to Lisbon residents for its XXL screen that broadcasts football matches. It is also a reference restaurant founded in 1950 and which has been at the centre of Lisbon’s cultural life for decades thanks to its stage (where the giant screen is set up) which has hosted many local artists. Café Império has 2 floors recently redecorated in a 1950s style but with space for children and free wi-fi. As far as the dishes are concerned, I advise you to take the reference plate of this restaurant : the Império bife.

Opening hours : every day from 12pm to midnight

Address : Avenida Almirante Reis 205A, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Alameda (red or green line)

Website :

Facebook page :

Bookings >>> +351 212 471 765 or + 351 919 029 012 or website

9. THE GEORGE PUB – English style


The George Pub , an Irish and Sports Bar in Lisbon

The George Pub is well known in Lisbon, and I mention it in my article on the best happy hours in Lisbon. Here, we offer you 16 varieties of beer, some of which are exclusive. 3 screens and 1 projector occupy the bar. Portuguese football matches are privileged even if the establishment also broadcasts foreign matches. The atmosphere is very good.


Tuna sandwich at the George Pub in Lisbon

Opening hours : every day from 12pm to 2am

Address : Rua do Crucifixo 58, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Baixa-Chiado (green or blue line)

Facebook page :

10. EL BULO SOCIAL CLUB – Latin atmosphere


El Bulo is an place that I already mentioned in the article on the best Argentinian restaurants in Lisbon. It was opened by the famous chef Chakall and, in addition to delivering excellent Argentinian cuisine, it broadcasts football matches on two giant screens. On the menu: empanadas, Argentine meats, ceviches or dishes with various inspirations, without forgetting beers and cocktails.


Opening hours : every day from 12pm to 11pm

Address : Praça David Leandro da Silva 9 A, Lisboa

Nearest bus : Poço do Bispo station – lines 210, 718, 728, 781 and 782

Website :

Facebook page :

11. WINSTON – Football broadcasts from time to time

Winston Bar with lot of clients during a football match

This bar is located in the Rato district, a chic and lively district of Lisbon. Its activities are diverse, it offers group dinners as well as broadcasts of football matches some evenings. The main room of the bar is equipped with a projector. The name Winston comes from Winston Churchill’s portrait in vinyl material occupying an entire wall (pictured below). Small dishes are available such as grilled chorizo (chouriço assado), nachos with cheese and guacamole (nachos com molho de queijo e guacamole). We also have the must-have beer, wine served by the glass, gins and sangrias.

Opening hours : every day from 8pm to 2am

Address : Rua do Sol ao Rato 61 B-C, Lisboa

Metro nearby : Rato (yellow line)

Facebook page :

Bookings >>> +351 913 380 601 or

12. RUCK CLUBHOUSE – The bar next to a rugby field

The Ruck ClubHouse in Lisbon to watch football and rugby gales

The Ruck ClubHouse is located near a rugby field but it also broadcasts football. A giant screen is set up for big games but another screen is permanently located near the counter. The classic Portuguese petiscos are available such as grilled chorizo (chouriço assado) at €4.5, pork sausage in flour with eggs (ovos com farinheira) at €5.5 or smoked sausage croquettes with mustard and honey (croquetes de alheira com mostarda e mel) at €4.5. For drinks, the traditional beer is on the menu, but you can also choose wine served by the glass or by the bottle, sangrias, liqueurs or cocktails or choose from the 8 brands of gin on offer.

Bitoque (traditional disg with meat and egg) with fries at The Ruck ClubHouse in Lisbon

Opening hours : every day from 11:30 am to 11 pm, closing time at 2:30 am on Friday and Saturday

Address : Tapada da Ajuda, Lisboa

Nearest bus : Clube de Ténis station – line 724

Facebook page :

Bookings >>> +351 914 722 922 922 or

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