Shopping in Lisbon : where to buy souvenirs and gifts ?

The 15 best souvenir shops in Lisbon

Find a souvenir from Lisbon or bring a small gift from Lisbon to your friends or family ? You may think that nothing will be easier once there. Well, think again, the neighborhoods of downtown Lisbon (Baixa, Rossio, Alfama and even Chiado) have literally been invaded in recent years by shops selling “Made in China” bad quality items, trying to copy clumsily traditional Portuguese products. As a first tip, I recommend you to buy nothing in these “discount bazaar” stores. Indeed, the products will cost you the same price or even more expensive than in a shop selling authentic products and made in Portugal. With the signs below, you will be sure to bring back an original souvenir that reflects the traditions of Lisbon and Portugal. I have already presented in another article the 10 gifts and souvenirs to bring back from Lisbon, I give you now the 15 best shops to buy souvenirs and gifts in Lisbon. You will discover a selection of shops selling traditional products, design products but also designer objects or retro items. Let’s go, follow the article!

1. LISBON SHOP – The largest and most varied shop

Inside the Lisbon Shop, the most important store of Lisbon for gifts and souvenirs

The Lisbon Shop is managed by Lisbon Tourist Office and is located close to Praça do Comércio. It is, without a doubt, one of the best signs to find a gift or a souvenir of Lisbon. In a very large  and all white space, you will discover, among others, old and contemporary tiles, traditional porcelain and ceramics, mugs, soaps and retro tin cans, music, books, guides on Lisbon , stationery, designer jewelry, clothes, contemporary craftsmanship, many good gastronomic products and, last but not least, statues of Saint Anthony (the protector of Lisbon) in all colors. Of course everything is made in Portugal for most items.

Opening hours : daily from 9.30am to 7.30pm

Neighborhood : Baixa

Address : Rua do Arsenal 7-15, Lisboa

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2. A VIDA PORTUGUESA – The absolute reference of retro / vintage

Inside A Vida Portuguesa main store at Intendente in Lisbon, a vintage souvenir shop

Few shops in Portugal and even in the World can boast of having created a trend. This is the case of the brand A Vida Portuguesa (Portuguese Life in English) which is a bit like the mother of all the shops of vintage and retro items that flourished throughout Lisbon and Portugal. The concept has even been copied by other brands in various European capitals, including Paris. The basic idea ? To republish national products that had fallen into oblivion: perfumed soaps, perfumes, shaving products, sardine cans, olive oils, liquors, syrup etc. A Vida Portuguesa also selects products of excellence as a concept store. And of course, everything is 100% made in Portugal.


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Chiado Shop

Opening hours : every day from 10am to 8pm (except Sunday with an opening at 11am)

AddressRua Anchieta 11, Lisboa

Nearest metro: Baixa-Chiado (blue or green line)

Boutique de la Mouraria (la plus grande)

Opening hours : daily from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm

AddressLargo do Intendente Pina Manique 23, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Intendente (green line)

Counter at the Mercado da Ribeira / Time Out Market (Cais do Sodré)

Opening hours : daily from 10am to 11pm

Address : avenida 24 de Julho 49, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Cais do Sodré (green line)

3. SILVA E FEIJOO – What a beautiful shop !

Inside a Silva & Feijóo shop, a must-see store fof gifts from Lisbon

The Silva & Feijóo shop of Rua dos Bacalhoeiros is simply unmissable if you pass nearby. The storefront is beautiful and the products on offer will be difficult to find elsewhere. The brand was founded in 1919 and now has 3 stores in Lisbon (addresses and schedules below). A wide range of traditional Portuguese items is offered: wines, gourmet products, home decoration items and vintage products (soaps and retro cans).

website :

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Baixa shop (between Praça do Comércio and Lisbon Cathedral) :

Opening hours : every day from 10am to 8pm

Addressrua dos Bacalhoeiros 117-119, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Terreiro do Paço (blue line)

Castelo shop (near São Jorge Castle)

Opening hours : every day from 9am to 7pm

Address : rua Bartolomeu de Gusmão 4, Lisboa

Boutique of the Baixa – São Nicolau (near the Rua Augusta)

Opening hours : every day from 10am to 8pm

Address : rua de São Nicolau 50-52, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Baixa-Chiado (blue or green line)

4. SOMA IDEAS – The design brand 100% made in Portugal

Items from Soma Ideas, a modern portuguese brand for souvenirs

Soma Ideas is a brand of modern Portuguese cultural and tourist design and merchandising. All products are conceptualized, designed and manufactured in Portugal. The objects offered by the shop will be contemporary and original gifts and souvenirs. The project of Soma Ideas is to reinterpret Portuguese heritage and traditions through an universal aesthetic that sticks to our time. This is how you will find in this shop all kinds of products on Portuguese themes: the tramway, sardines, roosters, fado, Fernando Pessoa, azulejos, Saint Antoine etc. Note that some Soma Ideas products are available in some other souvenir shops in Lisbon and other cities in Portugal.

Opening hours : Monday to Thursday from 10am to 8pm, Friday to Sunday from 10am to 8h30pm

Neighborhood : Baixa

Address : Rua dos Fanqueiros 98-100, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Baixa-Chiado (blue or green line)

website :

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5. ARTE RUSTICA – For high-end craftsmanship

Arte Rustica, a very traditional souvenir and gift shop in Lisbon

Arte Rustica is undoubtedly the best shop in Lisbon to buy traditional Portuguese handicrafts. You will find azulejos, ceramics from Coimbra or Alentejo, roosters from Barcelos, paintings, olive oil, wine, hooves and even Portuguese guitars. We are talking here about unique crafts, so the prices are quite high.

Opening hours : Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm

Neighborhood : Baixa

Address : Rua Augusta 193, Lisboa (1st floor)

Nearest metro : Baixa-Chiado (blue or green line)


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6. CERAMICAS NA LINHA – Dishes sold by weight !

Cerâmicas na Linha, a ceramic store selling products exclusively made in Portugal

This shop is very original and a great deal when you visit Lisbon. The shop sells ceramics and ceramic decorations at weight and all products are 100% made in Portugal. Prices are amazing and there are often special offers. Not to be missed if you want to bring a traditional ceramic piece for cheap. An address in Lisbon (Chiado) and one on the Sintra line (in Oeiras).

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Lisbon Store (Chiado District)

Opening hours : Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm, Sunday and Monday from 12am to 8pm

District : Chiado

Address : Rua Capelo 16, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Baixa-Chiado (blue or green line)

Oeiras shop (near Lisbon, on the Sintra train line)

Opening hours : Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm

Address : Rua Dr José Da Cunha 20B, Oeiras

7. ARTE DA TERRA – Artists from all over Portugal

Arte da Terra, a craft specialized store in Lisbon

The Arte da Terra boutique seeks to highlight the rich Portuguese cultural heritage through the diversity of its crafts, each region having its characteristic products. The sign first opened in 1996 in Almada (on the other side of the 25th of April Bridge). Then, in 2006, it moved to Lisbon, in the former stables of the Cathedral. The room, with stone arches and whitewashed walls, is really big. The items are presented as works of art and different styles and artistic trends cohabit : crafts, sculpture, jewelry and design. You will find embroidered linens, traditional slippers, dolls, statuettes and designer clothes. Regularly, thematic exhibitions are organized in the shop. Note also that many Portuguese fado singers and singers are partners in these exhibitions.

Opening hours : daily from 11am to 8pm

District : Alfama

Address : rua Augusto Rosa 40, Lisboa

Nearest transports :

  • Tram 12 or 28 : Limoeiro station
  • Metro : Terreiro do Paço station (blue line)


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8. ALMA LUSA – Communicating Portuguese Design

Items from Alma Lusa, a designer store in Lisbon

Created in 1999, Alma Lusa is one of the first projects in Lisbon and Portugal to promote Portuguese design and crafts in all its forms : fashion, industrial design, graphic design and eco-design. The shop exclusively offers Portuguese products : design made in Portugal and manufactured in Portugal. The ambition of the founders is to offer the best national products. The sign has even developed its own brand, which it sells throughout Portugal and abroad.

Opening hours : Monday from 1pm to 7pm, from Tuesday to Saturday from 10h30am to 7pm, closed on sunday

District : São Bento

Address: Rua de Sao Bento 363, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Rato (yellow line)

AdresseRua de São Bento 363, Lisboa

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9. LOJA PORTUGUEZA – Portuguese products in the spotlight

Frontage of A Loja Portugueza, a very classic gift shop in Lisbon center

This sign has two shops : one in Baixa district and another in Graça district. It offers a wide range of typical Portuguese products : preserves, chocolates, biscuits, wines, perfumes, cologne etc. The shops are a little dated but they offer good Portuguese products and the best price.

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Baixa shop

Opening hours : Monday to Sunday, from 10am to 7pm

Address : Rua dos Fanqueiros 32, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Terreiro do Paço (blue line)

Graça shop

Opening hours : not available

Address : Rua da Graça 107, Lisboa

Nearest transport : tram 28 – Rua da Graça station

10. THIS & THAT – Creators with humor

Very original items from This & That, a gift and souvenir shop in Lisbon

Would you like to bring back a gift or a souvenir from Lisbon that is off the beaten path ? Take a minute to go to This & That which will offer you a lot of very creative design objects, some with an humorous touch but always in good taste. You will find designer ceramics, illustrated postcards, fancy stationery, tablecloths, tableware, metal boxes, bags with original patterns and designs, animal-shaped design lamps, soft toys, mini-guitars etc. Do not miss it if you want less “classic” things  than usual memories.

Opening hours : Friday to Monday from 10am to 7pm, Tuesday to Thursday from 10am to 6pm

District : Chiado

AddresseRua do Ferragial 3, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Cais do Sodré (green lugne)

website (to see and buy the creations online)

facebook page

11. CAPITAO LISBOA – The shop with antiquities from all around the world

Frontage of Capitão Lisboa, a very modern souvenir shop in Lisbon

Capitão Lisboa is a modern boutique of original gifts. The purpose of this sign is to surprise you during each of your visits. In this store, you will find souvenirs made in Portugal but also objects from around the world (especially from London) : design products, “old” Polaroid cameras and accessories, decorative items, gardening, kitchen utensils, lighting, children’s items, unique and exclusive designer pieces. Capitão Lisboa wants to offer humorous and creative articles for all ages, from 7 to 77 years old. Note, for experts, that the shop is a distributor of DOIY, BlueQ, Dream Dreams, Accountrements, Rabito em Portugal brands.

Opening hours : Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8h30pm, Sunday from 12am to 8h30pm

District : Baixa

AddressRua dos Fanqueiros 77, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Baixa-Chiado (blue or green line) or Terreiro do Paço (green line)


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12. APAIXONARTE – Artists gifts and souvenirs

Frontage of Apaixonarte, a very trendy shop in Lisbon

Apaixonarte, a word game that means passion for art in Portuguese, is a brand that aims to promote national products. The shop is a place where you can find the best in Portugal in terms of design and urban craftsmanship. The wide variety of products on offer seeks to fuse tradition with the latest trends in art and design. Items for sale are exclusive to the brand or made in collaboration with Portuguese artists. Originality of the shop, an entire wall is dedicated to the art which is used to exhibit multiple works and to discover new artists.

Opening hours : Monday to Friday from 12am to 7h30pm, Saturdays from 12am to 5pm, closed on Sundays

District : Santa Catarina (near Bairro Alto)

AddressRua Poiais de São Bento 57, Lisboa

Nearest transport : tram 28 – Rua Poiais de São Bento station


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13. ORIGINAL LISBOA – Between a gift shop and an art gallery

Vintage soaps from Original Lisboa, a souvenir shop in Belém district

The Original Lisboa shop is next to the mythical Pastéis de Belém store and is the only address of this selection in Belém district. The brand wants to promote young Portuguese artists, designers and photographers. The concept of the store is located between a trendy souvenir shop and an art gallery. Here you can buy designer t-shirts and mugs, revisited Barcelos roosters, cloth swallow brooches, local designer jewelry, designer deco items, and even local artists. The prices are meant to be accessible. If you go to Belém district, this is an address to visit.

Opening hours : Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 7h30pm

District : Belém

Address : rua de Belém 80, Lisboa

Nearest transport : Mosteiro dos Jerónimos station – tram 15 or bus 714 / Belém train station


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14. FABRICA FEATURES LISBOA – Gallery and designer shop

Frontage of Fabrica Features, the artistic center of Benetton in Lisbon

Fabrica Features is the research and communication center of the Italian group Benetton which was created in 1994. The headquarters of this center is in Treviso, Italy. Its vocation is to be a center of applied creativity, a place where young artists come from all over the world to develop new innovative projects and explore new artistic directions in the fields of visual communication, design, music, cinema , photography, editorial projects and the Internet. Founded in 2001, Fabrica Features Lisboa is located on the top floor of the Benetton store. It is a bit like the trendy showroom of young Portuguese designers, which is supposed to be a place of meeting and interaction between Portuguese and foreign artists. The gallery section offers exhibitions, video sessions or artists performances. The boutique side is worth seeing as it features articles by artists attending the Fabrica Features : designer tableware, ceramics, notebooks, printed canvas bags, pencils, stickers and illustrated books.

Opening hours : Monday to Saturday from 10am to 9pm, Sunday from 11am to 8pm

District : Chiado

Address : Rua Garret 83, Lisboa on the 4th floor

Nearest metro : Baixa-Chiado (blue or green line)


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15. SANTOS OFICIOS – For the tradition

Santos Ofícios, a store specialized in portuguese folk art from all the regions

Santos Ofícios is a shop dedicated to Portuguese folk art. Each item offered in the shop is carefully chosen to represent a specific region of Portugal. The brand is dedicated exclusively to selling traditional items made of wood, ceramics, stone and fabric. You will find crockery, dolls, statues, vases, objects related to agriculture or folklore, azulejos etc.

Opening hours : Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm

District : Baixa

Address : rua da Madalena 87, Lisboa

Nearest metro : Terreiro do Paço (blue line)


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BONUS – O VOO DA ANDORINHA – Thirty local designers in the spotlight

O Vôo da Andorinha, a very unique designer store in Lisbon

As a bonus, I give you this address if you like very creative shops. O Vôo da Andorinha (The Flight of the Swallow in Portuguese) is not exactly a pure gift or souvenir shop, but it is interesting to visit it. It is a sign distributing the articles of about thirty local creators (including those of the owner). You will find handmade objects, some with recycled coins in particular. Among the objects on offer : jewelry, fashion accessories, wallets, recycled furniture, T-shirts, photographs, personalized vintage clothing, etc. Note, everything in this shop is original and unique, impossible to find the same thing elsewhere !

Opening hours : Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30am to 7:30pm

District : Alfama

Address : rua do Barão 28, Lisboa

Nearest transport : tram 12 or 28 – Limoeiro station

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